Cedefop has worked closely with the European Commission in formulating a common European framework for quality assurance and a credit system for VET. A Czech Presidency event on 20-22 May officially launches the two new tools.

This month sees the launch of two systems which are designed to increase the mobility of people in training, and to help modernise and upgrade vocational education and training: the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET), and the European Quality Assurance Framework (EQARF) respectively.

On 12 May 2009 the European Council adopted the respective recommendations of the European Parliament and of the Council on these tools. Cedefop has been much involved in developing the ECVET and EQARF, taking on a pioneering role in assessing their possible uses, and participating in their definition and design.   

The launching event in Prague provides an opportunity to discuss the best way to implement these new tools for instance, how they relate to the learning outcomes approach and to what extent they support flexible learning pathways.

Invited to be a keynote speaker at the Czech Presidency event marking the official launch of ECVET and EQARF, Cedefop Director Aviana Bulgarelli told Cedefop News:  Issues like quality assurance, accreditation, and the dynamics of the qualifications provided by VET systems are at the crossroads between training and the labour market, and directly address the concerns of policy-makers. Cedefops job is to analyse complementarities between the European tools for education and training and cast light on issues affecting all levels. The implementation of the tools launched today will depend on the willingness of many different actors at all levels to use them; but their ultimate success must be considered from the viewpoint of the learners.


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