Cedefops strategic objective is to contribute to achieving the Lisbon goal to modernise VET. To serve its strategic objective, Cedefop supports evidence-based policy-making through research findings and policy analyses.

Research and policy-making often seem to have different agendas. Researchers interests may not match those of policy-makers who, in turn, can be too busy to take into account what researchers are saying. Consequently, basing policy decisions on firm research evidence can be difficult to achieve.Cedefops fourth research report addresses this issue.

It brings together experts from the world of research to discuss policy matters for VET in the EU. The common VET policy priorities agreed between EU ministers for education in the Copenhagen process constituted the backdrop to select the issues discussed in the report.

The report provides a thorough review of research into the major aspects of EU VET policy priorities. It forms a valuable body of knowledge to inform European VET policy-making.


Reference: Modernising vocational education and training Fourth report on vocational training research in Europe: background report. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2008. 
(Cedefop Reference series 69-I ISSN 1608-7089)
ISBN 978-92-896-0526-7
Cat. No: TI-33-07-001-EN-C
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