An upcoming workshop in Brussels grapples with negative perceptions about vocational pathways, and how to change them.
Vocational education and training (VET) is a cornerstone of European education and training systems. Research shows that it benefits individuals in many ways - in particular youth, when managing transition to the labour market. Trends in skills demand point to jobs requiring medium-level qualifications – i.e. mostly VET qualifications – remaining the core of employment in Europe.

Yet VET suffers from a poor image in several countries. In fact, it is now attracting fewer students than in the recent past. If something is not done to reverse this trend, skill shortages may soon emerge.

The workshop, organised by Cedefop in collaboration with the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee, will bring together policy makers, researchers, social partners and practitioners to debate policies that can increase the attractiveness of initial VET across Europe. Special attention will be paid to how mobility can make VET more attractive for potential learners.

Making vocational education and training more attractive. Cedefop workshop, Brussels, 9 /10 October 2012.

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