On 21 of May 2019, the Ministry of education and the president of WorldSkills Luxembourg launched ‘Skills United’, a new joint campaign promoting vocational training and skills competitions in trades and professions in Luxembourg.

The campaign is based on posters and leaflets distributed in secondary schools and businesses, media advertisements and a recently created website. Further, since May 2019, candidates, experts and partners can find relevant information and register for the 10th edition of LuxSkills, organised in 2020, as well as for EuroSkills and WorldSkills on the platform.  Skills United also aims at promoting mentorship of young talents, recruiting school and professional supervisors and seeking sponsorship of schools and companies taking part in the competitions.

Overall, the campaign is aimed at fostering a positive image of vocational training, encouraging young people to develop and demonstrate their professional talents, creativity and innovation in national and international contests.

For Claude Meisch, Minister for Education, ‘the opportunity to compete with the best in each field helps to cultivate the motivation of young people and encourages them to excel and achieve excellence. The participation of Luxembourg in international competitions also testifies to the very good level of our professional training’.

High-level competitions on national, European and international levels, such as LuxSkills, EuroSkills and WorldSkills, are considered excellent platforms for highlighting the knowledge and know-how of Luxembourgish talents, and serving as a showcase for business recruiters looking for qualified and talented staff.