By decision of the European Commission of 13 July 2010, Mr Juan Menendez Valdes Alvarez has been appointed Director of the European Foundation of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) in Dublin.

Cedefop shares a 35-year history with Eurofound: they were both established in 1975 and are the two oldest decentralised agencies of the European Union. Created and managed with strong involvement of the Member States and the social partners, both agencies have contributed to the development of labour market and training policies and social dialogue with the aim of improving people's living, learning and working conditions across Europe.


Mr Menéndez Valdés has been on Cedefop's Governing Board since 1999, representing Spain in the group of employers' organisations. He became a member of the Board's Bureau in May 2005 and chaired our Governing Board from May 2007 to June 2009.


He will leave our Governing Board after more than ten years to take up his new duties at Eurofound and to open the next chapter in the history of cooperation between Cedefop and Eurofound.


Cedefop wishes him every success in his new endeavour.

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