On 30 and 31 January 2007 in Berlin, 450 delegates from across Europe will inaugurate the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All at the first ever European Equality summit a joint initiative by the European Commission and the German Presidency of the EU.

EU ministers, equality bodies, trade unions, employers and non-governmental organisations will be present. Participation is by invitation only. The summit has three key goals:

  • launch the Year
  • identify specific measures to make equal opportunities a reality in Europe
  • share good practice, to maximise the benefits of diversity, both for individuals and European societies as a whole.

 The summit workshops will contribute to the panel discussions that will concentrate on the four key themes of the European Year:

rights ensuring people in Europe know their fundamental rights to equality and freedom from discrimination, as well as changing negative attitudes representation increasing the participation of all in society

recognition celebrating diversity

respect eliminating stereotypes and the prejudice and violence that often surrounds them

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