The new DV Monitor web portal provides easy and user-friendly access to data, information and news about continuing education and training (CET) in the Czech Republic. Its well organised data facilitates international and regional comparisons for policy-makers, educational institutions and individuals. The portal constitutes the first regular and comprehensive monitoring of information on CET in the Czech Republic.

The authors from the National Training Fund have collected all available statistical data about CET to develop a set of indicators. They have made use of the outcomes of international surveys and national research studies on CET, as well as administrative sources of information and public and private databases covering CET provision.

The indicators provide an overview of the situation in continuing education and training at national and regional level. Moreover, selected indicators facilitate comparisons between the Czech Republic and other EU Member States. There are, for example, data about CET undertaken by individuals and in enterprises, information about CET funding and barriers to participation in CET – all in the form of clear overviews or detailed tables.
This is the first time that data about the range of CET courses on offer has been published in the Czech Republic. The authors have brought together the three largest databases on CET provision in the Czech Republic and developed a tool for eliminating overlaps and obtaining information about the overall number of CET courses. The structure of the courses is compared with the structure of employment and jobs so as to ascertain the extent to which the supply of courses meets demand on the labour market.
DV Monitor is an output of the Koncept (Conception of continuing education) project implemented by the National Institute for Education, School Counselling and Continuing Teacher Training. Since April 2012 the portal has been administered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

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