During its ministerial session on energy on 28 June, the Council adopted a regulation on the statistics concerning in-company vocational training, in order to contribute to the setting up of strategies on education and training at European level.

In a press release, the Council explains that the regulation also aims at the establishment of common statistical norms allowing data to be harmonised on vocational training in businesses. It also stresses the specific importance of training at work and during working hours.

The Member States should thus collect data with a view to providing the statistics needed for analysing continuous vocational training while at work and in the following areas:

  1. politics and strategies of training implemented by companies for enhancing their personnel's proficiency;
  2. management, organisation and various kinds of continuous vocational training in company;
  3. role of social partners in order to guarantee continuous vocational training at work;
  4. access to continuous vocational training, its importance, its content, especially relating to the economic activity and size of the company;
  5. specific continuous vocational training activities set in place by companies for improving staff proficiency;
  6. the possibility, for SME employees, to acquire new qualifications, and specific needs of SMEs in terms of training offers;
  7. impact of public measures on continuous in-company vocational training;
  8. equal opportunities when it comes to access to continuous vocational training of disadvantaged persons;
  9. specific continuous vocational training measures adopted for the various forms of work contract;
  10. training spending; and
  11. assessment and follow-up.