On 27 September 2023, Cedefop participated in the webinar ‘Charting lifelong learning journeys: Unleashing opportunities through qualifications and skills recognition’, organised by UNESCO. The webinar was an opportunity to share findings and key messages from the forthcoming 5th edition of the Global Inventory of National and Regional Qualifications Framework, a collaborative effort of Cedefop, UNESCO, ETF, and UNESCO’s Institute for Lifelong learning.




Cedefop's head of department for VET and qualifications, Loukas Zahilas, and Cedefop experts, Zelda Azzara, Iraklis Pliakis, Anastasia Pouliou and Ernesto Villalba-Garcia presented findings from the cross-country analysis of NQFs and will discuss about developments in various thematic areas, such as recognition of prior learning, the digitalisation of qualification systems and the role of microcredentials in qualifications systems.

The webinar gave participants the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences about initiatives connected to regional and national qualifications systems. It also encouraged a dynamic exchange between international and regional stakeholders and promote cooperation at global level.

The inventory aims to capture and analyse global trends in qualifications frameworks, enable stronger cooperation among countries and regions, and enhance transparency, comparability and portability of qualifications worldwide.