Cedefop responded to the coronavirus pandemic, adapting to the pressing needs of an unprecedented emergency and managing to deliver the added value that is expected when it is most needed.

The health and safety of staff has been a Cedefop priority throughout the pandemic. The Agency has been monitoring developments, following announcements by the Greek Government and EU institutions and agencies, and taking prompt measures: 

  • implementing a dedicated crisis communication plan to keep all staff and stakeholders informed of pandemic developments and related Agency decisions;
  • preparation of action plans in case of a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 among staff, in cooperation with Cedefop’s Medical Officer;
  • regular communication to staff of measures announced by the Greek authorities;
  • shift to teleworking for all staff where practicable;
  • cancellation of all non-critical staff missions/meetings abroad;
  • establishment of work in shifts to ensure physical distancing of staff working on site;
  • update of procedures to ensure safety (e.g. handling mail, protective kitchen equipment, cafeteria takeaway option);
  • installation of plexiglass screens in the reception area and cafeteria;
  • application of disinfection protocols, placement of hand sanitisers and safety instructions around the building;
  • a de-escalation strategy in line with announcements by the Greek authorities.

Cedefop regularly produces coronavirus-related content.
Check out our dedicated landing page for updates.

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