Cedefop has just published online its latest data examining possible labour market trends up to 2020 across the European Union, as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Data are provided for three scenarios - a baseline scenario, used for the main findings, an optimistic scenario which assumes a strong economic recovery and a pessimistic scenario that presumes a prolonged economic slump. See the data at:


The forecasts aim to support policy-making. Today’s decisions will shape the future. Insights on the labour market’s prospects can help policy-makers take informed decisions today.

The forecasts are becoming more sophisticated. They include indicators of imbalances that can act as early warning signals for potential skill mismatch. Cedefop’s latest analysis of the forecasts is at:


A question remains over how make the best of Cedefop’s and other forecasting tools improve policy-making, in particular by helping education and training systems adapt to provide the skills required on the labour market.

This issue will be debated at a conference at Cedefop in Thessaloniki on 12-13 June. If you are interested in joining the debates see the conference link at:



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