The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) is responsible for an integrated information system (IIS) for data collection and storage. The agency manages and provides data and information on demand. The system is part of the e-government of the country.

The IIS gives NAVET an opportunity to provide e-administrative services online. They are related to realisation of one of its basic functions –licensing vocational education and training centres and centres for information and vocational guidance (CIVGs). Business representatives are given an opportunity for online licensing of VET centres or CIVGs, and to check the status of their submitted documents (a practice which ensures transparency of licensing procedures).

IIS supports an updated database on all licensed vocational training and guidance providers and offers opportunity to generate various types of references such as VET provision by location and current and planned qualification courses in a specific vocation. The information system supports the following registers: 

  • licensed VET centres;
  • licensed CIVGs;
  • the licensed VET centres whose license has been revoked;
  • the licensed CIVGs whose license has been revoked;
  • external experts;
  • NAVET expert commissions members;
  • work group members developing the State educational requirements for acquiring vocational qualifications;
  • teachers.

The system offers up-to-date and reliable information for various groups of users. By providing publicity for vocational training courses on offer it enables both the unemployed and the employed to plan and enrol in specific training at the right time and place. This helps employers, who are interested in improved in-service training for their staff, to choose suitable providers for their specific aims. The system also allows online submission of training applications.

All administrations and organisations can use NAVET e-services to check the status of vocational training providers that have applied for funding from the State budget or from the operational programme ‘Human resources development’, and check authenticity of certificates issued by VET centres.

Supporting up-to-date, reliable and well-structured information on provision of vocational training and guidance services provides opportunities for analysis of lifelong learning policy.

IIS was created and implemented within the framework of a NAVET project funded by the operational programme ‘Administrative capacity’.