This document sets out the combined programme of the German, Portuguese and Slovenian Presidencies covering the period January 2007 to June 2008. It is presented in three parts.

The first part contains the strategic framework for the programme, setting it in a wider context, and specifically within the perspective of more long-term objectives running into the subsequent three Presidencies. For this reason, in accordance with the revised Council rules of procedure, the future French, Czech and Swedish Presidencies have been consulted on this section.

The second part contains a list of specific priorities for the three Presidencies in each policy area, and the third part is a comprehensive programme setting out the issues which are expected to be covered during the 18 month period.

The three Presidencies will work closely with each other with a view to best achieving the objectives set out in the programme. To this end they will also cooperate with the other institutions of the European Union and in particular with the Commission and the European Parliament on the basis of their respective competences.

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