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Annual Report on R&D activities of the EU (2003)

Annual Report on research and technological development activities of the European Union in 2003
[SEC(2005) 725] COM(2005) 233 final

European research policy is geared towards the realisation of the Lisbon objective to transform the European Union into a competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy, capable of sustainable economic growth. To this end, it has three interrelated objectives:

  • To realise a European Research Area to allow the free movement of knowledge and researchers and overcome fragmentation and duplication of research policies and activities in Europe.

  • Increasing the levels of research investment in Europe to 3% of the Unions GDP by 2010, with two thirds of this to come from the private sector.

  • To support and strengthening research excellence to achieve the first two objectives and by reinforcing and complementing national and private sector research efforts.

This Report covers developments and activities during the period from January 2003 to March 2004. It has been prepared pursuant to Article 173 of the Treaty establishing the European Community,1 and Article 4 of the decision on the Sixth Framework Programme.2 It is accompanied by the annexed Commission Working Document providing more detailed reporting and a statistics annex. As an addition to previous Annual Reports, information is included on developments in research and technological development activities taking place within the Member States of the European Union.

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