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2004 annual report on PHARE

Report from the Commission : 2004 report on PHARE, Pre-accession and transition instruments {SEC(2005)1773}
Brussels, 23.12.2005
COM(2005)701 final

Together with two other instruments financed by the European Communities, namely ISPA (Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession) and SAPARD (Special Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development), the Phare Programme aims to assist candidate and acceding countries in their preparations for joining the European Union. In 2004, following the accession of the 10 new Member States, Phare provided support to the remaining candidate countries Bulgaria and Romania. Turkey continued to receive support under its own pre-accession assistance instrument. The objectives of Phare pre-accession assistance are to assist candidate and acceding countries in their efforts to strengthen their public administrations and institutions to function effectively inside the European Union, to promote convergence with the European Communitys legislation, to reduce the need for transition periods and to promote Economic and Social Cohesion (ESC).

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