Within the context of this conference we offer the following definitions for consideration and discussion:

Creativity: requires imagination and may lead to totally new principles and concepts. If fully supported and placed in the hands of imaginative, technically competent people, may lead to totally new methods, products and services. The keywords are:
- Imagination, -Support, - Implementation.

Innovation: requires imagination as well, but of a different kind. It is the ability to take existing methods, products and services, and to combine them in new ways in order to produce new methods, products and services. Ideally the people who will innovate in this way will be both creators and innovators, as this will enable the proposed innovation to be presented in a particularly attractive and original way. The keywords here are: - Contextualization, - Transferability, - Implementation

If the above statements are agreed, it might be worth considering then whether Bringing the spirit of Leonardo back to Leonardo might not primarily involve designing and implementing new management models. These would have to be fully capable of nurturing creativity and innovation in all potential Leonardo partner organizations in order to ensure that the required mindset is present at all levels from the moment that the project is designed, and that it is maintained throughout the project and its aftermath.

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24/02/2005 - 25/02/2005
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