This fourth international conference to be hosted by CRLL has developed out of a number of research projects within the Centre which focus on transitions in different contexts. These projects include transitions in community based learning, vocational education and training, colleges and higher education institutions, learning at work, and learning throughout the lifespan.

The aim of the conference is to review issues which have emerged from researching transitions in different post-school contexts, an issue which has grown in research importance around the world in recent years, with the concern both to widen participation, and provide new opportunities for lifelong learning. This conference aims to examine empirically, methodologically and theoretically contemporary research into transition issues in lifelong learning in diverse contexts.

A number of leading figures from the international research community have been invited to provide an analysis of the issues which have emerged from research, or which the research community should be addressing. Papers from a wide range of researchers will complement these keynote presentations.

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Event Date(s)
22/06/2007 - 24/06/2007
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University of Stirling, Scotland