The Council will begin its session by a public policy debate with a view to adopting key messages addressed to the Spring European Council marking out the lines to be followed in employment and social policies in times of economic crisis.

This debate will also serve as the Councils preparation for the Tripartite Social Summit which will take place on the eve of the Spring European Council.

The Ministers are expected to reach a political agreement on a Council Recommendation on the 2009 up-date of the broad guidelines for the economic policies on the implementation of Member States' employment policies and a general approach on guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States in 2009 as part of the Integrated Guidelines for Growth and Jobs.

The Council will also adopt the joint reports 2008/2009 on employment, as well as on social protection and social inclusion and will be informed by the Commission of its report on equality between women and men for 2009.

The Council will be informed by the Presidency about state of negotiation of the Commission's proposal amending the Regulation on the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund and is expected to adopt conclusions on New Skills for new Jobs: Anticipating and matching labour market and skill needs as well as on Professional and geographical mobility of the workforce and the free movement of workers within the European Union.

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