This conference is a flagship event of the Czech Presidency in the field of education. The conference is held for more than 200 participants and decision makers from various educational institutions, companies and authorities from the EU.

It will focus on the topic of creating a partnership between education institutions and employers. In particular, the participants will discuss the issue of motivation of education institutions and employers to actively cooperate, the recognition of learning outcomes and qualification frameworks from the perspective of the employers.

A special attention will be further given to the development of key competences and transversal skills at all levels of education.

The conference will host 3 workshops on following topics:

  1. Recognition and relevance of learning outcomes from the view of employers, development of qualification frameworks and involvement of employers
  2. Motivation aspects: How to enhance the cooperation, which barriers still exist in this field (principles and practices of successful cooperation between education and training institutions and employers, cooperation with alumnus)
  3. Anticipation of skills needs with regard to employability, development of skills within lifelong learning.

The workshops will be followed by a panel discussion with the topic "Acquisition of key competences, skills and values through cooperation between education and training institutions and employers (practical training, mobility schemes, involvement of professional, etc.

Ms. Aviana Bulgarelli and Mr. Loukas Zahilas will represent Cedefop at this event.

Event details

Event Date(s)
06/04/2009 - 07/04/2009
Event Type
Cedefop involvement


Presentation "Anticipating skills for Europe"