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Training leave and payback clauses: policies and practices in Europe

The aim of the event is to discuss, validate and complement the results of Cedefop’s studies on training leave and payback clauses to promote VET in Europe, and in particular:

  • gain a better understanding of how far training leave and payback clauses are used in Europe to promote training and how they operate; 
  • evaluate implementation of training leave and payback clauses, reflecting also on the (potential) impact of the crisis; 
  • identify issues for further research and provide policy recommendations.

The findings of the two studies will be presented separately to ensure focused discussions among the participants and specific conclusions and recommendations. Thus, the first day of the workshop will be dedicated to training leave and the second day to payback clauses.

The workshop will bring together representatives of governments, social partners, academia and research to encompass all points of view and perspectives in the debates.



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Background note

EN95.2 KB

Further training against the odds? How to overcome the "Matthew effect" via training leave instruments. Robert Jellasitz


Training leave in Estonia. What to learn from it? Kalle Toom

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Implementation and effectiveness of training leave in Greece. Ilias Livanos

EN353 KB

The rights to training leave in Poland. Izabella Panus

EN5.2 MB

Employees' vocational qualifications. Latest changes in the labour code. Employers' perspective. Grazyna Spytek-Bandurska

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Tailoring the right to training leave. The case of Belgium. Piet Van den Bergh

EN1.37 MB

Vocational education and training in Romania. Valentin Mocanu

EN41.5 KB

A link between payback clauses and training leave Poland. L. Arendt and I. Kukulak-Dolata

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The impact of sectoral training and development funds in the Netherlands on employee-training and the possible link with payback clauses. Arjan Van Der Meijden

EN1.11 MB

Improving implementation of payback clauses from the perspective of the service trade union ver.di. Roman Jaich

EN154.5 KB

Application of payback clauses in Italy: cases from an enterprise. Roberto Righi

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Payback clauses in the Dutch sports branche. Lobke Mentrop

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06/06/2011 to 07/06/2011
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