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3rd Workshop on Testing the EQF: Building synergies and common understanding

The workshop will have a broader view to qualifications projects including those developed in the period before the specific EQF calls (2006-2009). It will focus on closely linked projects and groups of projects examining concrete practical outcomes implemented at European and national level as well as the value added from the synergies created.

The event will bring together experts and project promoters of selected pilot projects and builds on the results of the 2008 and 2009 workshops. The sessions will examine methodologies applied in the identification of sectoral skill needs, moving to the occupational/ qualifications mapping and the drafting of standards and curricula. The elements that make projects “success stories” will also be analysed.

Contact: Loukas Zahilas  


Psifidou LDV's methodologies

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Agenda: 3rd Workshop on Testing the EQF: Building synergies and common understanding

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15/12/2010 to 16/12/2010
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Thessaloniki - Cedefop
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