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Skills-OVATE: Skills Online Vacancy Analysis Tool for Europe

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1 - What are the primary sources of the data?
The data are collected from the most relevant online job portals (including private portals, public employment services, employment agencies, online newspapers etc.) in EU Member States. These portals were identified by national experts.
We would like to thank all those portals and websites that agreed to allow the collection data from their site, especially those who allowed us to use APIs.

2 – How to can I undo previous selections?
A selection can be undone by selecting the same object. All selections can be removed by reloading the page.

3 – When I select some object, no action is performed. Why?
Not all selections are connected to an action. It is most likely that no action is connected to the selection.

4 - What is the information presented based on?
The information is based on online job vacancies gathered from a wide range of online sources - such as public employment services portals, private job portals, recruitment agencies, online newspapers, employers’ portals. The data has been analysed using big data and machine learning techniques. Online job vacancies were gathered between 1 July 2018 and 31st of December 2018. More information is available here [link to booklet]

5 - Can I select more than one country?
Yes, using the maps, but not the drop-down menus. We are developing the tool and looking to improve the selection features.

6 – Several skills in one occupation appear quite similar. Why?
The taxonomy used, the European Skills Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) [link to ESCO] does not have a hierarchical structure. Consequently, different occupations may use different terminology for essentially the same skills. The Skills-OVATE team is working on ways to improve this.

7 - I think I have found a mistake or the results I see are not in line with the situation in my country.
This is the first time this type of information is presented and in some cases there may be unusual results. Please feel free to contact project team and help us to develop the tool further.

8 - Why is the tool called Skills OVATE?
Skills-OVATE stands for Skills – Online Vacancy Analysis tool for Europe. But ‘ovate’ was also a Celtic word for wise person or seer. Ovates made predictions used signs and omens and searched for hidden things. Online job vacancies can provide signs and omens about skills, occupations and labour market trends and help reveal what was previously invisible.