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Status Title Reference Type Closing date
Evaluation underway Assistant Media Officer - interagencyCedefop/2020/01/AST_interagency Cedefop/2020/01/AST_interagency Temporary agent
Extension date and time
Evaluation underway Head of operational Department (interagency)Cedefop/2019/04/AD_interagency Cedefop/2019/04/AD_interagency Temporary agent 21/11/2019
Evaluation underway Head of operational Department (external)Cedefop/2019/04/AD_external Cedefop/2019/04/AD_external Temporary agent 21/11/2019
Cancelled Head of Department for Skills and Labour Market (interagency)Cedefop/2019/03/AD_interagency Cedefop/2019/03/AD_interagency Temporary agent 12/09/2019
Cancelled Head of Department for Skills and Labour Market (external)Cedefop/2019/03/AD_external Cedefop/2019/03/AD_external Temporary agent 12/09/2019



Photo: © Spyros Ignatiadis

Life in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest city and port of Greece. It is known for its rich cultural and historic heritage as well as its lively lifestyle. The centre of the city lies between a long and beautiful waterfront and the castles of the old town.

There are quiet neighbourhoods away from the centre as well as more lively areas downtown. Thessaloniki is home to two universities, including the biggest university of Greece, the Aristotle University.

Thessaloniki is situated near many points of interest including the mythical Mount Olympus, the top touristic destinations of the Halkidiki peninsulas with Mount Athos and the remains of the Royal Palaces of the Macedonian Kings, famous for Alexander the Great. Thessaloniki is ringed by mountains with abundant wild life. The area has pleasant Mediterranean climate and endless beaches.

Thessaloniki’s intercity coach, rail network and harbour connect the city with the rest of the country’s mainland and islands. The airport offers various domestic and international destinations. The city is also the main gateway to northern Greece and the Balkans, while Egnatia Odos connects it with Turkey to the east and Italy to the west (with ferry boat).