Cedefop offers paid traineeships to talented and highly qualified professionals at the start of their careers. It is an opportunity for them to have their first work experience related to their field of specialisation in a European organisation.

There is one annual intake, normally from September to July, which lasts up to 12 months


Who can apply?

  • Nationality: nationals of EU Member States or of candidate countries benefiting from a pre-accession strategy or EFTA citizens.
  • Education: graduates who have completed a standard 3-year higher education degree (minimum EQF 6 level), corresponding to a complete Bachelor’s cycle. A diploma or an official certificate from the university confirming that the degree has been awarded is necessary to be eligible to apply. Trainees may be required to hold a specific educational qualification.
  • Language: nationals of EU Member States with a very good knowledge of at least two Community languages, of which one must be English (the language used in the daily work and all communication at Cedefop). Candidates from pre-accession or EFTA countries with a very good knowledge of at least English.


Who can't apply?

  • Applicants who do not meet the requirements in the paragraph above by the closing day of the traineeship notice.
  • Candidates who have already benefited, for more than 6 weeks, from any kind of paid/unpaid training or employment within an EU institution, body, agency or office.


How to apply

Online application: the application must be made using the online form via the Vacancies webpage. It is advisable to submit your application well ahead of the deadline in order to avoid possible problems approaching the closing date.

  • The online application must be completed in English.
  • Once your application has been successfully submitted, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement e-mail with a protocol number (which should always be quoted in any subsequent contacts with Cedefop). In case you insert your application twice by mistake and you obtain two protocol numbers, please inform us by e-mail.
  • Incomplete applications, or applications sent by e-mail/post, will be rejected.
  • Due to the large number of applications received, Cedefop will send an automatic notification about the outcome of the procedure to all candidates but will not answer individual queries.

Supporting documents. Online applications must be accompanied by:

  • Copy of the required university degree or educational qualification. If issued in any of the official EU languages, translation is not requested.
  • Curriculum vitae in English (preferably using the Europass CV).
  • Masters, PhD, language certificates etc, may be included for information.



Trainees are awarded a monthly maintenance grant. The amount, revised on a regular basis, is currently as follows:

  • EUR 1,175.13 per month for trainees from abroad, as well as trainees residing in Greece and living more than 50 km from Thessaloniki.
  • EUR 881.34 per month for trainees residing in Thessaloniki prior to the start of their traineeship.


Protection of personal data

Please refer to the Traineeship privacy statement.

Unpaid traineeships

The organisation of unpaid traineeships for visiting researchers, unpaid trainees, and student work placements are temporarily suspended.


Traineeship rules - superseded


Rules governing the traineeship programme at Cedefop


Updated version (14-09-2023) of Annex II to the Rules