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Public procurement and grants

Cedefop, as an Agency of the European Union, possesses its own legal personality and may enter into contractual relationships with persons, companies and other legal entities. It is therefore subject to the provisions of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union, the Cedefop Financial Regulation and the relevant EU procurement directives for the award of public contracts and Grant agreements, and works in line with the basic principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, widest competition, proportionality and sound financial management.

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Privacy Statement on the protection of personal data in relation to Public Procurement

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Title Reference Closing date Status
Green skills and environmental awareness in vocational education and trainingAO/RPA/PSZO/Green skills in VET/013/10 AO/RPA/PSZO/Green skills in VET/013/10 07/10/2010 Completed
Adult learning in the workplace: skill development to promote innovation in enterprisesAO/ECVL/RLAR/Skill-Innovation/012/10 AO/ECVL/RLAR/Skill-Innovation/012/10 06/10/2010 Completed
Provision of medical services to Cedefop staffAO/RES/GMA/Medical-services/011/10 AO/RES/GMA/Medical-services/011/10 30/09/2010 Completed
ICT External ServicesAO/RES/SAN/ICT Services/013/09 AO/RES/SAN/ICT Services/013/09 24/08/2010 Completed
Helpdesk servicesAO/RES/SAK/Helpdesk/009/10 AO/RES/SAK/Helpdesk/009/10 13/08/2010 Completed
Provision of language courses for Cedefop staffAO/RES/AMC/LanguageCourses/007/10 AO/RES/AMC/LanguageCourses/007/10 27/07/2010 Completed
Analysing the Labour Market Outcomes of Vocational Education and TrainingAO/RPA/ALSTI-MSERA/Labour Market Outcomes of VET/008/10 AO/RPA/ALSTI-MSERA/Labour Market Outcomes of VET/008/10 02/07/2010 Completed
ISP ServicesAO/RES/SAN/ISP/018/09 AO/RES/SAN/ISP/018/09 21/06/2010 Completed
The role of qualifications in regulating the labour marketsAO/ECVL/LZAH-JB/RegulatingLabourMarkets/006/10 AO/ECVL/LZAH-JB/RegulatingLabourMarkets/006/10 02/06/2010 Cancelled
The use of validation by enterprises for human resource and career development purposesAO/ECVL/JB-ILEMO/Validation-in-Enterprises/005/10 AO/ECVL/JB-ILEMO/Validation-in-Enterprises/005/10 01/06/2010 Completed
European policies and practices in designing and delivering outcome-oriented curricula in VETAO/ECVL/IPS/Curricula study/004/2010 AO/ECVL/IPS/Curricula study/004/2010 31/05/2010 Cancelled
The use of training leave and payback clauses to promote VET in EuropeAO/RPA/PLI-PSZO/Training leave-Payback clauses/003/2010 AO/RPA/PLI-PSZO/Training leave-Payback clauses/003/2010 17/05/2010 Completed
Data collection skills obsolescence among ageing workersAO/RPA/JVLOO-PDE/DataSkillsObsolescence/001/10 AO/RPA/JVLOO-PDE/DataSkillsObsolescence/001/10 11/05/2010 Completed
Printing and Photocopying of publications and promotional materialsAO/CID/MTA/Printing and Photocopying/002/2010 AO/CID/MTA/Printing and Photocopying/002/2010 29/03/2010 Completed
The role of loans in financing vocational education and training in EuropeAO/RPA/PLI-PSZO/Loans/016/09 AO/RPA/PLI-PSZO/Loans/016/09 23/10/2009 Completed
From credit systems to permeability in education and trainingAO/ECVL/ILEMO/Credits&Permeability/017/09 AO/ECVL/ILEMO/Credits&Permeability/017/09 23/10/2009 Completed
Developing and piloting an employer survey on skill needs in EuropeAO/RPA/AZU-TODUN/Pilot-European-Employer-Survey /015/09 AO/RPA/AZU-TODUN/Pilot-European-Employer-Survey /015/09 05/10/2009 Completed
Software, website development and support services for EuropassAO/ECVL-RES/PHT-LT/Europass/011/2009 AO/ECVL-RES/PHT-LT/Europass/011/2009 05/10/2009 Completed
Macro-economic benefits of Vocational Education and TrainingAO/RPA/GUTCH-PDE/VET-Macroeconomic-benefits/010/09 AO/RPA/GUTCH-PDE/VET-Macroeconomic-benefits/010/09 05/10/2009 Completed
Guidance for entrepreneurship learning and for supporting career management of entrepreneursAO/ECVL/MILA/Guidance-for-Entrepreneurship-Learning/012/09 AO/ECVL/MILA/Guidance-for-Entrepreneurship-Learning/012/09 28/09/2009 Completed


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