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Public procurement and grants

Cedefop, as an Agency of the European Union, possesses its own legal personality and may enter into contractual relationships with persons, companies and other legal entities. It is therefore subject to the provisions of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union, the Cedefop Financial Regulation and the relevant EU procurement directives for the award of public contracts and Grant agreements, and works in line with the basic principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, widest competition, proportionality and sound financial management.

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Title Reference Closing date Status
Macro-economic benefits of Vocational Education and TrainingAO/RPA/GUTCH-PDE/VET-Macroeconomic-benefits/010/09 AO/RPA/GUTCH-PDE/VET-Macroeconomic-benefits/010/09 05/10/2009 Completed
Guidance for entrepreneurship learning and for supporting career management of entrepreneursAO/ECVL/MILA/Guidance-for-Entrepreneurship-Learning/012/09 AO/ECVL/MILA/Guidance-for-Entrepreneurship-Learning/012/09 28/09/2009 Completed
Supply of heating gas oil for the Cedefop buildingAO/RES/ASAIN/HeatingOil/002/09 AO/RES/ASAIN/HeatingOil/002/09 10/09/2009 Completed
Updating the vocational knowledge and skills of VET teachers: Bringing teaching close to the labour marketAO/ECVL/RLAR/Updating-vocational-skills-teachers/006/09 AO/ECVL/RLAR/Updating-vocational-skills-teachers/006/09 14/08/2009 Cancelled
Europass, ECVET and EQF for documentation, validation and certification of learning outcomesAO/ECVL/ILEMO-PTH/Europass-ECVET-EQF/007/09 AO/ECVL/ILEMO-PTH/Europass-ECVET-EQF/007/09 09/07/2009 Completed
Supply of booksAO/CID/MWI/Books/008/09 AO/CID/MWI/Books/008/09 07/07/2009 Completed
Green maintenance services and garden management at CedefopAO/RES/ASAIN/Gardening/009/09 AO/RES/ASAIN/Gardening/009/09 06/07/2009 Completed
Supply of A4/A3 paper and toners for photocopiers, printers and fax machines including other IT consumablesAO/RES/SAK/Paper-Toners/003/09 AO/RES/SAK/Paper-Toners/003/09 15/06/2009 Completed
Skills for green jobsAO/RPA/PSZO-AZU/Skills-green-jobs/004/09 AO/RPA/PSZO-AZU/Skills-green-jobs/004/09 25/05/2009 Completed
Prior Information Notice: Identification of future skills needs in micro and craft (-type) enterprises 12/05/2009 Completed
Vocational Education and Training (VET) at EQF levels 6 to 8AO/ECVL/ILEMO-TSK/VET-levels-6to8/001/09 AO/ECVL/ILEMO-TSK/VET-levels-6to8/001/09 08/04/2009 Completed
Event support servicesAO/CID/SBEN/Event-support-services/028/08 AO/CID/SBEN/Event-support-services/028/08 19/01/2009 Completed
Acquisition of Network Equipment and Associated ServicesAO/RES/SAN/Network Equipment/027/08 AO/RES/SAN/Network Equipment/027/08 01/12/2008 Completed
ICT Security ServicesAO/RES/SAN/SECAUP/026/08 AO/RES/SAN/SECAUP/026/08 21/11/2008 Cancelled
Training Services in .NET, MS Office and other softwareAO/RES/ITK-AMC/IT-TrainingServices/024/08 AO/RES/ITK-AMC/IT-TrainingServices/024/08 11/11/2008 Completed
Acquisition of Heating OilAO/ICTF/LT/Heating Oil/025/08 AO/ICTF/LT/Heating Oil/025/08 07/11/2008 Completed
Execution of construction works and construction of electromechanical plants for the creation of a space for the Cedefop archivesAO/RES/ICTF/Archives/023/08 AO/RES/ICTF/Archives/023/08 29/10/2008 Completed
Supply of books, subscriptions to serials, access to electronic resources and press clipping servicesAO/CID/MWI/Books-Serials-Electronic resources-Press clippings/022/08 AO/CID/MWI/Books-Serials-Electronic resources-Press clippings/022/08 17/10/2008 Completed
Quality approaches for assuring the quality of training and services provisionAO/ECVL/TB/Quality-in-VET/021/08 AO/ECVL/TB/Quality-in-VET/021/08 06/10/2008 Completed
Employers survey on skill needs in Europe: Feasibility studyAO/RPA/AZU-TODUN/Feasibility-Employers’-survey/020/08 AO/RPA/AZU-TODUN/Feasibility-Employers’-survey/020/08 29/09/2008 Completed


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