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Title Reference Closing date Status
European Learning in Work (LiW) survey and enterprise case studies: Data collection on the incidence, drivers, and benefits of in-work learning and the role of the work and learning contextAO/DSL/JVLOO-MKANK-KPOUL/LIW/009/21 AO/DSL/JVLOO-MKANK-KPOUL/LIW/009/21
Extension date and time
Impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on in-work learning of EU enterprises AO/DSL/KPOUL/AI -LiW/007/21 AO/DSL/KPOUL/AI -LiW/007/21 01/10/2021 Open
Individual learning accounts (ILAs) and the potential for integrated support policies and systems for CVET and adult learningAO/DLE/PLI-CHARRISON-EVGAR/ILAs and integrated support policies/010/21 AO/DLE/PLI-CHARRISON-EVGAR/ILAs and integrated support policies/010/21 30/09/2021 Open
Short-term anticipation of skills trends and VET demandAO/DSL/ILIVAN-PPANGEL/STAS/006/21 AO/DSL/ILIVAN-PPANGEL/STAS/006/21 24/09/2021 Open
Ensuring transparency and transferability of learning outcomes; analysing two decades of European and national initiativesAO/DSI/JB-ZAZZA/Transparency&Transferability_LO/008/21 AO/DSI/JB-ZAZZA/Transparency&Transferability_LO/008/21 20/09/2021 Open
Layout and design for Cedefop Publications and Communication ActivitiesAO/DCM/MTA/Layout&Design/005/21 AO/DCM/MTA/Layout&Design/005/21 31/08/2021 Open
Data Protection Advice, Consultancy and Related ServicesEBA/2021/03/LEG/SER/OP EBA/2021/03/LEG/SER/OP 09/07/2021 In progress
Provision of Services and Equipment in the field of Audio-visual and Conference TechnologyEuropean Commission SCIC/2021/OP/0002 EC SCIC/2021/OP/0002 11/06/2021 In progress
Interactive Web Applications Development & SupportAO/DRS/ASIA/IWADES/004/21 AO/DRS/ASIA/IWADES/004/21 26/05/2021 In progress
Provision of event management services by a professional conference organiser (PCO)AO/DCM/CF-KAT/PCO_Services/003/21 AO/DCM/CF-KAT/PCO_Services/003/21 21/05/2021 In progress
Web services for the development, support and maintenance for the Cedefop’s official website and its CRM systemAO/DCM/NT/WebServices/002/21 AO/DCM/NT/WebServices/002/21 17/05/2021 In progress
Ex-ante publicity Notice for 'Telecom revamping works and fibre optic installation'NP/DRS/SAN/TelecomWorks/004/21 NP/DRS/SAN/TelecomWorks/004/21 19/03/2021 Completed
Entrepreneurship Competence in Vocational Education and TrainingAO/DSI/DKULSS/Entrepreneurship-competence-VET/001/21 AO/DSI/DKULSS/Entrepreneurship-competence-VET/001/21 16/03/2021 Completed
Ex ante publicity notice - Negotiated Procurement Procedure for the provision of External accounting consultancy servicesNP/DRS/KD/Accountancy services/002/21 NP/DRS/KD/Accountancy services/002/21 11/03/2021 Completed
ReferNet Call for Proposals BelgiumGP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/002/20 GP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/002/20
Extension date and time
Ex-ante Publicity Notice for 'Purchase of the multi-purpose cooking device Rational iVario Pro L with pressure cooking option, including list of accessories'NP/DCΜ/DN/Rational_iVarioProL/011/20 NP/DCΜ/DN/Rational_iVarioProL/011/20 27/11/2020 Completed
Ex-ante Publicity Notice for 'Telecom revamping works and Telecom fibre optic installation works'NP/DRS/SAN/TelecomRevampingWorks/010/20 NP/DRS/SAN/TelecomRevampingWorks/010/20 23/11/2020 Completed
Ex-ante publicity notice for 'Curriculum Vitae (CV) data analytics & intelligence'NP/DSI/PHT-ASIA/CV_DataAnalytics&Intelligence/008/20 NP/DSI/PHT-ASIA/CV_DataAnalytics&Intelligence/008/20 06/11/2020 Completed
Feasibility study for surveying principals, teachers, learners and in-company trainers in initial vocational education and trainingAO/DLE/IPS-DSCHEUR/FeasibilityStudyinVET/007/20 AO/DLE/IPS-DSCHEUR/FeasibilityStudyinVET/007/20
Extension date and time
Entrepreneurship competence in vocational education and trainingAO/DSI/DKULSS/Entrepreneurship-competence-VET/004/20 AO/DSI/DKULSS/Entrepreneurship-competence-VET/004/20
Extension date and time