Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down the rules for the participation of undertakings, research centres and universities in actions under the Seventh Framework Programme and for the dissemination of research results (2007-2013)
Brussels, 23.12.2005
COM(2005) 705 final

The current proposal contains four chapters: introductory provisions (subject matter, definitions and confidentiality ), participation in indirect actions (minimum conditions to participate, procedural aspects, including minimum numbers of participants, their place of establishment, proposal submission and evaluation, implementation and grant agreements, monitoring of projects and programmes, Community financial contribution: eligibility for funding and forms of grants, reimbursement rates, payment, distribution, recovery and guarantees), the European Investment Bank, and rules for dissemination and use and access rights (ownership, protection, publication, dissemination and use, and access rights to background and foreground).

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