The workshop "Training, Research and Innovation: Key factors for Friuli Venezia Giulia competitiveness" will take place on September 18 in Udine. It is promoted by the European Commission in Italy, INDIRE and Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

It aims to dentify key factors that help a region to become a world leader in innovation.

The panel offers the opportunity to discuss these factors from an academic/research network, political and entrepreneurial perspective. Funding support region can provide in enterprise creation, developing, attracting and retaining qualified human resources .

The workshop is organised within the project "Technological transfer and intellectual property"co-financed under the ESF,with the objective to establish knowledge network among universities, research and training centres and public authorities, facilitate interregional integration, coordination and cooperation in research, technology development and innovation among key actors those help a region to become a world leader in innovation.

The workshop is finalised to gather innovative industries and SMEs, to present the instruments activated at regional and European Union level for innovation and intellectual property development; illustrate the most recent knowhow acquisitions for developing technological processes; present case histories of cooperation activated between industries, universities and research centres in the innovation field;create pro-active partnerships between industries, SMEs and research and training centres to identify needs and solve technological problems and lay the ground for participation to EU Programmes and activities for research and technology development.

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