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Future skill needs for the green economy

6-7 October 2008, Thessaloniki, Greece

Cedefop organised an international workshop with its expert network on early identification of skill needs - Skillsnet - to identify the key trends and future skill needs for the green economy.

Green technologies offer the possibility of new green jobs for those who respond quickly to the developing green economy. Green jobs will require new skills in new and emerging occupations. Identifying what those skills will be may make action to combat climate change more effective.

Worshop draft presentations are available below.



EN55.53 KB

ILO green jobs initiative and implications for skills development - Christine Evans-Klock

EN242.39 KB

Impact of climate change mitigation policies on employment in the EU - Sophie Dupressoir

EN167.22 KB

Skills for sustainable development: necessary but not sufficient? - Malcolm Rigg

EN557.47 KB

Emerging skill needs in a greener UK economy - Terence Hogarth

EN219.45 KB

A model for the education and training of ecologists and environmental managers in the UK: filling the skills gap - Max Wade

EN964.34 KB

Future skill needs in renewable energies identified in an integrated approach: results of the ADeBar project - Helmut Kuwan

EN530.08 KB

Curriculum development for green jobs in the biomass production for energy purposes - Ladislav Nozdrovicky

EN902.28 KB

Future skills needs for the green economy: some starting points - Jesse Scott

EN45.07 KB

Future skills needed in renewable energies in Spain: a vision of enterprises - Javier Gomez

EN1.24 MB

Environment and labour force skills - Allister Slingenberg

EN66.37 KB

Future skill needs for the green economy - Peter Szovics

EN215.19 KB

Green economy conclusions

EN77.21 KB

Focus group reports

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List of participants

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