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European Commission's work programme for 2006

Unlocking Europes full potential : Commission Legislative and Work Programme 2006
Brussels, 25.10.2005
COM(2005) 531 final

The challenges facing Europe are clear, and urgent. Globalisation has brought opportunities, and new demands. Modernisation is essential to continue Europes historically high levels of prosperity, social cohesion, environmental protection and quality of life, and to create the jobs we need. Europe can best respond by unlocking the potential of its citizens, and promoting its common values at home and worldwide. The Commission will take up this challenge in its programme for 2006. At the start of its mandate, the Commission set out its key strategic objectives to the end of the decade: prosperity, solidarity, security, and Europe as a world partner. These objectives remain relevant and are therefore confirmed to form the core of the Commissions work. They point to the balance needed in the Unions work: a policy mix which allows Europe to pursue competitiveness and social justice, to protect its citizens and promote their freedoms, to work inside Europe and to promote its values in the world beyond. Taking concrete steps towards achieving these goals is the best way to convince Europeans that the Union is an essential part of the solution in addressing the problems facing Europe.

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