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Democracy and human rights worldwide - thematic programme

Thematic Programme for the promotion of democracy and human rights worldwide under the future Financial Perspectives (2007-2013)
Brussels, 25.1.2006
COM(2006) 23 final

Democracy and protection of human rights are universal values to be pursued in their own right; they are also seen as integral to effective work on poverty alleviation and achieving the Millennium Development Goals, as vital tools for conflict prevention and resolution, and as the indispensable framework for combating terrorism. Democratic processes of accountability are also key to ensuring government transparency and combating corruption.

Issues of democracy and human rights have become a systematic feature of EU foreign policy and external action through political dialogues and conditionalities, by mainstreaming these issues in cooperation programmes, and with specific projects. Comprehensive human rightsbased approaches to development are becoming more widespread, as is support for state building, good governance and civil society development. It is a principle of development policy to ensure ownership by the partner country of the development and democratisation process, engaging governments and all leading local stakeholders, including parliaments.

Concerns with security and the fight against terrorism have tended to dominate international agendas, but they have also begun to highlight root causes of violence and the importance of ensuring human rights, rule of law and inclusive democracy to avoid alienating communities and creating conditions of insecurity. Conflict prevention has thus added a new dimension to development strategies and work with civil society.

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