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Continuity in research: from the Journal to research papers

The latest in Cedefop’s series of research papers, Learning outcomes approaches to VET curricula, compares the use of learning outcomes in nine European countries: how the new approaches are being reflected in the content and structure of new curricula and what the implications are for teaching and assessment methods and learning environments.

While continuing its research activities into vocational education and training in Europe, Cedefop has now published the final issue of its research journal of 15 years’ standing, the European Journal of Vocational Training.


The Centre had been led to the decision to discontinue the journal following the considerable cuts imposed  on agencies’ budgets.  The final issue (no. 48)  includes an extensive thematic dossier on the assessment, recognition and certification of informal and non-formal learning – a topic Cedefop has actively researched since the mid-nineties. 

Forthcoming research papers to be published in 2010 include studies on the skill mismatch issue as it affects older workers and an overview of research into employment-related migration and mobility. 

Learning outcomes approaches in VET curricula: A comparative analysis of nine European countries:

To access previous research papers and all issues of the Journal, please search our publications page:


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