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Cedefop's response to the coronavirus crisis: delivering near-real-time country updates

Immediate crisis response - delivering near-real-time country updates

Cedefop responded to the coronavirus pandemic, adapting to the pressing needs of an unprecedented emergency and managing to deliver the added value that is expected when it is most needed.

ReferNet – Cedefop’s network of institutions providing information on national vocational education and training (VET) systems and policies in the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway – has been disseminating near-real-time briefs on how each country responded to the coronavirus pandemic challenges to learning structures and the labour market. This knowledge and experience sharing has helped everyone around Europe to adjust and improve their immediate crisis management.

EU countries respond to the effect of coronavirus on their education systems

Croatia: skills competitions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Spain: upskilling and reskilling in the tourism industry

Norway: vocational school students' perception of the quality of education during the COVID-19 pandemic

Estonia: Covid-19 impacts VET provision and objectives

Slovenia: Response to the Covid-19 outbreak

Romania: responses to the Covid-19 outbreak

Denmark: reactions to the Covid-19 outbreak

Finland: Covid-19 and vocational education and training

Croatia: 3D technology helps protect health care workers during Covid-19 pandemic

Greece: responses to the Covid-19 outbreak

Italy: Responses to the Covid-19 outbreak

Croatia: virtual VET promotes #stayathome education

Hungary: national vocational education and training (VET) responses to Covid-19

Spain: Lessons from online training in companies

Bulgaria: VET response to the Covid-19 outbreak

Cyprus: Responses to the Covid-19 outbreak

Lithuania: VET versus Covid-19: challenges and new opportunities for the future

Swedish actions on education in response to the corona pandemic

Luxembourg: Covid-19 News

France: Covid-19 crisis - ensuring continuity of learning in vocational training

Germany: multiple VET stakeholder responses to Covid-19 outbreak

Spain: An unexpected challenge for VET in Europe 2020

Estonia: Responses to the Covid-19 outbreak

Latvia: VET during the Covid-19 outbreak

Slovakia: VET during the Covid-19 crisis

Ireland: Responses to the Covid–19 Outbreak

Netherlands: VET in times of the Covid-19 outbreak; changing education overnight?

Poland: response to the Covid-19 outbreak

Iceland: responses to the Covid-19 outbreak

Portugal: responses to the Covid-19 outbreak

Austria: vocational education and training during the corona crisis

Spain: Millions of students at home – meeting the challenge of virtual learning during the pandemic

Cedefop regularly produces coronavirus-related content.
Check out our dedicated landing page for updates.

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