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Bridges for recognition - promoting recognition of youth work across Europe

The final Bridges for Recognition report includes conclusions, suggestions for action, summaries of the sessions, evaluation results, etc.

Bridges for Recognition was a milestone in the journey of the recognition of non-formal learning and youth work in Europe. It brought together for the first time a wide range of practitioners, policy makers and stakeholders from the fi elds of youth work, formal and non-formal education, the labour market and National and European Authorities.

The conference provided a showcase for an impressive range of methods and instruments for the recognition of non formal learning by young people. Different stakeholder groups were invited to articulate their particular needs and to debate the Hot Issues in recognition. Delegates were consulted on new initiatives at the European level and contributed to the formulation of policy and action plans.

The European Institutions supported the event with key insights into the political dimension of recognition, ending with the challenge continue develop and exchange ideas and the commitment to keep youth work and recognition on the political agenda.

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