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Faut-il brler la gestion des comptences?

Exploration et regards croisιs sur les pratiques effectives

Up to what point do the practices of management of competences contribute to the modification of the labour relations?
Can one see there the draft of a new fashion of governorship of the modern organizations?
Or is it necessary to "burn" the management of competences on the same rough-hew as the other managerial modes?

Initially, various science research teams in Belgium and France will try to bring brief replies to these questions while reacting to a study undertaken by the LENTIC of the University of Liege by giving a progress report on the practices actually developed today in the companies. In addition, these practices of management of competences will be examined and evaluated under the cross glance of several disciplines: labour legislation, economy and sociology. This seminar is for all those who are interested in management of competences, its practises, the occasion of profitable exchanges and renewed questions.

The seminar will be held in French.

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