Über Österreich

Austria is a country that has a strong industrial base, comprising many export-oriented small- and medium-sized enterprises. Historically, this has been an important element of GDP growth. Vocational education and training plays a major role in the Austrian economy. This is demonstrated by the high attractiveness of VET programmes for young people and the diversity of programmes on offer; majority pupils who have completed compulsory schooling opt for a VET path. The success of the Austrian VET system is reflected in the low youth unemployment rate and the international recognition of Austrian skilled workers.

Looking to the future, employment is projected to continue to grow in the period to 2030. Austria’s working-age population (15-64) is projected to grow further. Most employment growth is expected to be in public sector & defence, accommodation & food sector and education. The fastest growing occupations will be associate professionals and elementary workers. Till 2030, most job openings (including replacements for vacated jobs) in Austria will be for medium level qualifications, still building on a very strong VET system.

VET System in Austria

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