The Skillsnet e-bulletin April – August 2020 Issue has just been published and sent to Skillsnet members.

The highlight of the April – August 2020 issue of Skillsnet e-bulletin refers to the Coronavirus crisis and Cedefop’s related work.

Given the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the labour market and VET, Cedefop reacted quickly and delivered research findings and analysis that can support EU policy makers, social partners and other stakeholders tackle the adverse effects of this unprecedented crisis. The first outputs can be found in our April newsletter here.

Learn more about Cedefop’s Covid-relevant research, such as on the sectors and occupations that are expected to suffer most from the implications of the pandemic; the impact on the tourism sector in particular; the contribution of refugees in the Covid-19 relevant skills shortages and the implications for vulnerable learners, among other.

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