The London Summit took place at a time when the world confronts the worst economic crisis since the Second World War.

The London Summit aims were to bring together leaders of the worlds major economies and key international institutions to take the collective action necessary to stabilise the world economy and secure recovery and jobs.

Leaders faced an unprecedented range of challenges of averting an even more severe downturn and restoring growth in the short term, while at the same time reshaping the financial system, preserving the world trading system, and laying the foundations for a sustainable recovery.

They recognised the human dimension to the crisis and commited to support those affected by the crisis by creating employment opportunities and through income support measures. They will build a fair and family-friendly labour market for both women and men.

They will support employment by stimulating growth, investing in education and training, and through active labour market policies, focusing on the most vulnerable. We call upon the ILO, working with other relevant organisations, to assess the actions taken and those required for the future.