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Plan-D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate

The Commission’s contribution to the period of reflection and beyond

The Commissions contribution to the period of reflection and beyond: Plan-D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate : Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social committee and the Committee of the Regions
Brussels, 13.10.2005
COM(2005) 494 final

The Commission has proposed a Plan D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate, not as a rescue operation for the Constitution, but to stimulate a wider debate between the European Unions democratic institutions and citizens. It has to be seen as complementary to the already existing or proposed initiatives and programmes such as those in the field of education, youth, culture and promoting active European citizenship. Plan-D dovetails with the Action Plan on communicating Europe1 which seeks to improve the way that the Commission presents its activities to the outside world and the forthcoming White Paper on communication strategy and democracy which will start a consultation process on the principles behind communication policy in the European Union and the areas of co-operation with the other European institutions and bodies. Together with Plan-D these initiatives set out a long-term plan to reinvigorate European democracy and help the emergence of a European public sphere, where citizens are given the information and the tools to actively participate in the decision making process and gain ownership of the European project.

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