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The employment crisis: trends, policy responses and key actions - Commission Working Document

The EU and its Member States, including central banks, have taken very significant policy action in face of the severe crisis. National Recovery Plans include provisions for employment, education, training and social policies.

The employment policy response has covered the three priorities agreed by the European Council and they remain the right policy framework:

  • maintaining employment, creating jobs and promoting mobility;
  • upgrading skills and matching labour market needs;
  • increasing access to employment and supporting households.


Five key actions for 2010 and beyond: 

1. Invest in effective labour market measures and skills to avoid long-term

2. Help businesses create new jobs;

3. Preserve jobs through flexible work organisatiom;

4. Support young people and those most affected by the crisis;

5. Improve the situation of people on non-standard contracts;

4. Support young people and those most affected by the crisis.


Reference: COM(2009) 649 24.11.2009

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