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Workshop on Financing apprenticeships in the EU


In November 2016, Cedefop launched the study on ‘Financing apprenticeships / dual VET in the EU’, with the objective to:

  1. provide a comprehensive overview of financing arrangements for apprenticeships in the EU countries;
  2. elaborate a typology of financing arrangements for apprenticeship; map EU countries according to this typology;
  3. analyse the performance of the financing arrangements for apprenticeships; and
  4. provide recommendations on how to improve effectiveness of financing arrangements for apprenticeships.

Cedefop’s work has resulted in collecting significant information related to apprenticeship schemes in the EU, more specifically regarding cost categories (such as apprentice pay, social insurance contributions instructors wages, costs for material and equipment, apprentices travel and subsistence costs and examination fees), financing instruments (such as training funds, tax incentives, grants for companies and individuals) and financing arrangements (the whole system of financing of an apprenticeship scheme).


Workshop rationale and objectives

As the project reaches its finalisation stage, the workshop will provide the platform for national and methodological experts from across Europe to get acquainted with and discuss the results of the study. The objective of the workshop is to:

  1. validate and complement country-specific information;
  2. discuss the methodological approach for elaborating the typology and assessing the performance of financing arrangements for apprenticeships; and
  3. reflect on the ways to improve effectiveness of the financing arrangements for apprenticeships; collect ideas for further research and policy recommendations at national level and EU level.

The results of the discussion among invited national and methodological experts, Cedefop staff and its research partners will inform the final report and Cedefop’s future actions.


Agenda - Workshop on Financing apprenticeships in the EU

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Background note - Workshop on Financing apprenticeships in the EU

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Fleming’s Hotel (Neubaugürtel 26-28, 1070 Wien, Austria)
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Anthie Kyriakopoulou