According to Romania’s labour code (Art. 31, (5) and (6)), higher education graduates’ first six months of employment may be constituted as traineeship. Special legislation is to be passed for this purpose. In March 2013, the Ministry of Labour initiated a draft law to regulate traineeship provision.

Employers will able to conclude a special type of contract for employment, training and counselling provision for a period of six months. A subsidy from the state social insurances fund of approximately EUR 114 (social reference indicator) will be made available for every traineeship contract concluded. Funding may be supplemented by the ESF (sectoral operational programme human resources development ‒ SOP HRD).

The Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly Persons will be the authority responsible for implementing the measure, sharing this responsibility with social partners and the SOP HRD management authorities.

Currently, the draft law is in process of consultation between the interested ministries and central agencies. It will subsequently be released for public consultation when it is available online.

It is expected that the law will be approved before the end of 2013 and become fully operational from January 2014. The new traineeship law is considered an essential pillar of what will be Romania’s ‘youth guarantee scheme’.


Web link to relevant documents: draft law of the Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly Persons (at the time of writing not published on the website of the Ministry for public consultation).

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