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Council Resolution on "New skills for new jobs"

In the context of the broader discussion on the European strategy to promote jobs and growth, this resolution emphasises practical steps to be taken in the area of education and training in order to provide citizens with better opportunities to succeed on the labour market. The emphasis is on three points:

  • equipping people with the skills necessary for new jobs;
  • the importance of work on the validation of competences, the transparency of qualifications and the identification of training needs, and
  • the need for a better anticipation of skills needs and gaps on the labour market.
One of the important mechanisms should be strengthen the European network for the early identification and forecast of skills needs (Cedefop's Skillsnet) and the European forecasting system on employment trends.

Council Resolution of 15 November 2007 on the new skills for new jobs
OJEU C290 of 4.12.2007 p. 1-3

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