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Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe: Expert seminar on methodology and new ideas

Cedefop’s skill supply and demand forecast is an important research activity producing high quality information on current and future labour market trends. Although Cedefop’s forecasts have attracted significant interest from different experts, professionals and policy makers, it is not the only skills anticipation activity in Europe. Many Member States are developing their own forecasting and anticipatory systems. At the same time the European Commission supports financially other projects to understand the trends in the European labour market and the impact of the socio-economic transitions.

The main objective of the seminar is to present and discuss Cedefop methodology with experts from the field to get a critical view and inspirations for future work. The seminar should also create a platform for exchanging ideas and provide opportunity for mutual learning and eventually pointing out possible synergies or areas of future cooperation between on-going initiatives.

For more information, please refer to the below agenda.


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Cedefop, Thessaloniki
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