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Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe: 2013 validation workshop

Cedefop is organising regular technical workshops to discuss and validate the plausibility of the forecast results for individual countries and overall for Europe. Results at the level of individual countries are increasingly used, along the EU aggregated level. This has led Cedefop to formalize a group of individual country experts. A call for experts was launched in the second half or March 2013 and new national experts were selected in April 2013 based on their experience and expertise. This will be the first meeting of the newly formed group of national experts with Cedefop representatives and the research team.

The aim is to involve national experts closely into the process, drawing on their general knowledge and expertise, as well as obtaining substantial country specific insights.

The workshop will provide a platform to discuss:

  • the latest results produced for individual countries;
  • the working methods and new avenues for the development of the project.

This workshop is restricted to the nominated national experts.


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Cedefop, Thessaloniki
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