The purpose of this Agora seminar was to promote dialogue between researchers and policy makers from government, employer and trade union bodies on the topic of promoting lifelong learning for older workers.

The Agora debated the policy changes needed to promote learning for active ageing at work. It brought together senior policy makers from the European Parliament, European Commission, public sector, social partner representatives and researchers, from Europe, USA, Japan and Australia.

The starting point for the Agora was the work of a Cedefop international research network project on Older Workers and Lifelong Learning which recently produced an anthology entitled : Promoting lifelong learning for older workers: an international overview , T. Tikkanen and B. Nyhan Editors.

The central message emerging from the anthology and the Agora is that : society, organisations and individuals must think of ageing as a lifelong learning process in which people continuously take on new challenges; and employers together with trade unions should create age-friendly workplaces that promote active ageing accompanied by continuous learning and development at work.

The Agora summary report, the full proceedings report and a copy of presentations by the main speakers can be found below.

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