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Latvia - adult education plan 2016-20 approved by the government

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In 2016, the Latvian Government approved the Adult education plan 2016-20 to support creating a unified and sustainable national adult education system.

The plan takes into account regional needs and medium- and long-term labour market forecasts. It also supports creating a coherent legislative framework and efficient resources (including financial) administration.

Education, economics, welfare, foreign affairs, culture, health and justice ministries, agencies, local authorities, social partners and education providers, including VET are all involved in delivering the plan. The education ministry will support improving professional skills and retraining the employed. The welfare ministry will oversee transition of the unemployed to the labour market, including at-risk groups and refugees. The economics ministry will carry out the labour market analysis and develop medium- and long-term forecasts.

The proposed adult education model foresees the creation of an adult education management board comprising stakeholder representatives. The board will ensure overall monitoring of the system.

In 2016-20, EUR 27 million are foreseen for implementation of the plan.

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