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Education of children with a migrant background - Council conclusions

The Council recognises that  education has a key role to play not only in ensuring that children with a migrant background can fulfil their potential to become well-integrated and successful citizens, but also in creating a society which is equitable, inclusive and respectful of diversity.

Education has an important contribution to make to the successful integration of migrants into European societies.

Starting with early childhood education and basic schooling, but  continuing throughout all levels of lifelong learning, targeted measures and greater flexibility are needed to cater for learners with a migrant background, whatever their age, and to provide them with the support and opportunities they need to become active and successful citizens, and empower them to develop their full potential.

The Council invites the Member States to take appropriate measures at their required level of responsibility - local, regional or national with a view to ensuring that all children are offered fair and equal opportunities, as well as the necessary support to develop their full potential, irrespective of background.

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