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Trends in the Management of Human Resources in Higher Education

This will be a conference in a series of what works best practices events that on previous occasions have focused on the management of legal matters, university libraries, museums, arts schools, and external relations, image and access.

HEI leaders, academics and other staff often find themselves in situations, where financial pressure, decentralisation and demands for accountability have implications on their human resource management. But not only institutions are affected. Authorities and others who provide funding and overall regulation are also affected by these winds of change. In each their ways, they all have to deal with a variety of new issues and problems.

This conference is organised primarily for three kinds of audiences. Firstly, leaders and managers of higher education institutions, including deans, heads of departments and human resource directors (or similar). Secondly, policy makers and representatives of national authorities, funding agencies or regional bodies concerned with institutional financing and management. Thirdly, this conference will be relevant to associations and organizations with members among institutions, and to academics and other staff. Participants are specially invited from all IMHE/OECD countries but the conference is open to citizens of other countries as well. Participation is welcome from all HEIs, including specialised institutions (medical schools, art schools and technical universities) as well as from the polytechnic (college) sector.

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25/08/2005 to 26/08/2005
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OECD Headquarters, Paris
Open event

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Jan Karlsson
IMHE Programme
Tel. +33 145 249 201